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Have you ever been on the struggle bus? 🚌

Me too.

Actually, I think for awhile there I was driving that bus.

And I knew I needed to get off. ASAP.

I had little energy, my body wasn’t feeling the same, I wasn’t sleeping as well, and I was stressed and anxious.

I did not want to feel that way anymore.

I know what works for me. I knew what I needed to do.

For me, it’s always been physical activity. Exercise.

That is how I best process anxiety and stress and it leads to better sleep, better mood, and better self esteem.

In the beginning I may have to force myself, and then slowly the momentum comes with discipline.

Honestly, it’s always been my game changer.

Sometimes I lose my way. I’m human. But thankfully I know exactly how to get back on track.

I’ve been “back on track” for a couple of weeks now and WOW 🤩. It feels great to be back!

What is your game changer?

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