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How to finish what you start (and why you usually don’t!). 😬

Have a project that’s been sitting in your laptop for weeks and not progressing?

We’ve all been there!

When you start a project, you will feel excited and all pumped up because you are excited by doing something new.

If you start dwindling and progress is slow, it’s time to ask yourself these questions.

-are you expecting your project to be flawless and perfect?

-have you forgotten the reason why you started in the first place?

I’ll share 3 strategies to help you finish what you started:

✅#1 Rediscover your ‘Big Why’. Remind yourself why you started this project. The best reasons are intrinsic. This means, the project is meaningful to you in some way.

✅#2 Do a little everyday. It doesn’t matter if you type 5 sentences or finish 5 chapters. Just doing a little bit everyday will add up to a finished project over time. Don’t skip days!

✅#3 Organise your project and your ideas. This means having a rough guideline or a project ‘skeleton’ to guide you as you work through it. If you can see the big picture, you have a direction to work towards.

Completing a meaningful project can be the most satisfying feeling in the world.

🌴Do you have a project that has been sitting around for too long? Which strategy will you adopt to get it moving today? 😊

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