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It was grade 8. In the hallway at school. His name was Caesar. He was dating my best friend. The worst thing was, it wasn’t the first time I’d heard it. I had been called it a few times years before. 😢 Comments about your body stick with you... even the ones from childhood. I’ve always had strong legs and a big booty. But when I was a kid it was all Kate Moss and no J-Lo. She hadn’t hit the scene yet to bring big bootys into the limelight. These kinds of comments certainly didn’t help the teenage years where I was quite content to severely restrict my food intake. After years of body image issues, all too familiar to the teenaged girl, the freshman 15, and then the weight gain of pregnancies and motherhood, there’s a good reason why I’m so adamant about helping women find a healthy way to love their bodies. It’s also why I’m a huge advocate of not dieting or restrictions. You can learn how to fuel your body in the way that works for you! 💕 Now, I see myself as strong and confident and healthy as heck and I wouldn’t lose that booty for nothin!! Love yourself for the way you were made!!! ♥️ I also have 3 daughters and I take my position as their role model very seriously. Only positive self talk allowed. Please please PLEASE, if you don’t have something positive to say about a person’s body, then say nothing. If you think this post would help someone you know please share it 😘 

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