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  • Amy Detaeye

// in the midst of this busy life

Rest seems to be a foreign concept to many of us these days. From the moment we wake up until we turn the lights down at the end of the day, and tuck into bed, it seems it is difficult to find any time for ones’ self. It is often not until we get sick, or burn out that we realize what we are doing to our bodies by being on the go, constantly. Don’t get me wrong, I thrive on being involved in the community/spending time with family & friends/working out...but recently I realized I’m not quite sure how to slow down and rest. I got so busy working and taking courses, sitting on boards and planning committees, and making sure I stay in touch with friends and family that I forgot what it was that I enjoyed – that I truly did for me. I’ve been so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of what is life that I cant remember the last time I sat and read a good book, or went to a yoga class...just to breathe. This is just a small reminder not to forget to look after yourself – those people in your life, whether it be your spouse, your children, your parents or friends...they also need you to look after you. So take some time. Journal. Read Poetry. Go for a Run. Catch a Flick. Sleep in. In the midst of this busy life, while you’re making sure everyone else is ok...don’t lose sight of what makes you happy & keeps you going.

xoxo Amy

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