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21 Day Fix and the Beachbody Portion Control Container System

21 Day Fix is a program that focuses on healthy body and lifestyle. The theory behind the name is that it takes 21 Days to break a habit and makes new ones. You also can achieve fantastic results in just 21 days and it sets you up for a strong foundation moving forward to reaching your goals. For a lot of us, the main goal in the beginning is weightloss. The great thing about the weightloss with this program is that it is steady, and you achieve it by eating healthy whole foods from all of the food groups. The eating plan allows for flexibility and you can customize it to meet your health needs (gluten free, dairy free for example) and to match your preferred lifestyle choices (vegan, vegetarian, paleo, etc) . The workout component is via dvds or on-demand streaming, made to work multiple muscle groups at the same time to get you optimum results in just 30 minutes, done in the comfort of your own home.

The Workouts: There are 7 main workouts plus an ab workout and in some packages there is a bonus workout included. These workouts are for a beginner to intermediate level. The schedule for the week is:

  1. Total Body Cardio

  2. Upper Fix

  3. Lower Fix

  4. Pilates Fix

  5. Cardio Fix

  6. Dirty 30

  7. Yoga Fix

The container system takes the guess work out. The program guide will help you figure out how many of each container you get each day, to meet your particular needs. You get multiple containers a day and a good amount of food to eat.

The containers are:

  • Green – Vegetables

  • Red – Protein

  • Purple – Fruit

  • Yellow – Carbs

  • Blue – Health fats

  • Orange – seeds and oils

  • Teaspoons – nut butters

How do people get such amazing results? Because the program is based on a practical, sustainable, healthy lifestyle. So many of us don’t know how to eat anymore. We don’t know what foods to choose, and in what amounts, and we’ve gotten totally lost in convenience foods, drive thrus, huge portions, sugar, and packaged items. Obesity and disease are huge problems in North America and things need to change now for our generation and for our children.

The other component of success is the daily coaching I provide. Studies have shown that people have more success when they have the support they need, then when they don’t have support. And it’s every single day! My team and I will be there for you. We’ve had the same struggles; we’ve done all the other programs out there too. We have busy lives and have found ways to make this a permanent change and have had amazing results and we want to share all of our tips, strategies, meal plans, recipes, and so much more with you. We are a community and we have even gone from being strangers to being good friends.

Motivation and the Mental Health aspect of this journey: As your coach I bring another element to my coaching, which is a background and education in mental health and wellness. We all know that emotional eating, triggers, self-sabotage, guilt, feeling overwhelmed, anxiety , depression, and so much more are a significant piece of the puzzle. I share information and tips to strengthen your mind just as much as we are working on strengthening our bodies.

Personal Development and Goal Setting: along the same line as the mental health component, as we move along in the journey we start to look at personal development to expand our view of the world and our view of ourselves. This is a further step in working on self-confidence and believing that you can achieve all the goals you have for yourself. We look at self-love too.

You have to love yourself enough to try. You may not wake up one day 100% ready to go; it often doesn’t work like that. Sometimes you have to have some faith and start moving forward.

Contact me today and we can literally get you started immediately!



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