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7 Vital yet basic Steps to Start Today toward living your Best Life

Below are 7 basic elements to a great life. Although they are common sense/common knowledge, it’s easy to get lost along the way. I recommend printing this out and placing it somewhere you will read it often. Sometimes, it’s reading the same word for the 77th time, when it actually sinks in!

  1. -Fuel your Body – one of the most critical things you can focus on is how your fuel your body with the food you put into it. Adopting a clean eating food plan will not only get you feeling your best, it will get you looking your best. It will also help you thinking clearer and with greater focus. Start today with one clean, healthy meal. Notice the way your body feels, your energy level, your digestion. Then try making it a clean meal and a healthy snack and so forth.I truly believe that all aspects of health and wellness are interconnected. The food you fuel your body and your brain with have an impact on the way you feel, your energy, your thought processes, your digestion and gut health, your skin and hair, your metabolism, your hormones, and pretty much absolutely everything!

  2. Exercise – the best way to strengthen your body, is to move it! Find an exercise routine that you love and make it a daily habit. Programs that work all areas of your body, at a level that’s attainable yet challenging is ideal. You also want to think about how much time you have to commit to daily exercise and chose your program accordingly. The more you’ve thought out which program will work best for you, the more likely you are to stick with it. Exercise is also highly effective for improving mood and mental wellness. 30 minutes a day is a great goal.

  3. Focus on Positivity – have you ever noticed how much the people and the things around you impact your mood and mental outlook? Everything from our conversations with others, to the shows we watch, the music we listen to, and the books we read, impact our outlook on life. Hang high, live high or hang low, live low. Choose the people, thoughts, books, etc., that will lift you up.

  4. Sleep – this is a restorative process and needs adequate time. Some experts recommend 6 hours, others recommend 8, and some recommend somewhere in between. Find the amount that seems to serve you best and aim to get it every night.

  5. Love – love for self, love for others, love for life. Love is at the very core of our being. It motivates us, feeds us, compels us, and gives us a zest for living. Love is an aspect of life that is worth investing time and energy into. Value yourself and your relationships. See your inner beauty. Feed your soul and nurture your bonds with others and be Grateful. Remind yourself of all of your great qualities and tell others that you love them and the reasons why.

  6. Personal Development – not everything wise and empowering comes naturally to all of us. Or maybe we’ve lost our way, or gotten into a rut. Coaching along the way via books, seminars, audiobooks, education, etc, can be invaluable. Personal development can lift us up and steer us in the right direction. It can also do wonders for self-confidence. Even 10 minutes each day can have a huge impact when accumulated over time.

  7. Goal setting - you have to have a target in order to hit it. What lifestyle do you want? Career? Family? Where do you want to live? What do you want your finances to look like? When we set goals we know what we want and what we are working towards and then we can figure out the steps we need to take to get there. Living each day with purpose and intention helps us to achieve. Every decision and every mindful action we take will then propel us towards that bullseye! In the beginning I suggest writing them down, revisiting them daily and adding clarity and timeframes to them, then weekly, then monthly to revisit and revise as needed. Once initial goals have been achieved, you will want to add new ones.

Have you noticed how much these steps are interconnected? How your food choices impact your energy, as does your exercise, and how they both affect mood. How your mood affects your relationships and how your positive mindset affects your self-love? And how sleep or lack of it affects everything! And so on….

Start today by making great choices. Be intentional about who you are, what you do, and what you believe in. Believe in yourself. Live you best life.



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