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Cleaning Out my Closet

So much of any journey is based on MINDset. Do I believe I can do this or not? Will I succeed for a while and then go back to my old ways? Do those around me have faith in me? How much support do I need? The mental battle is a huge part of ongoing victories.

I’ve been reluctant to clean out my closet. I have some many clothes that no longer fit me, or that at least don’t fit well because they’re at least a size too big. I know, it’s a good problem to have, right?! Yes, in this situation it is because I’ve reached a healthy weight for me.

Not only does this mean that I need to get rid of these items that don’t fit, it means that I need to replace at least some of them with new items that do fit properly. So, why have I been reluctant to do so? FEAR. Fear is the basis of so many of our decisions.

I’m fearful of the permanency of the commitment to staying healthy, to staying at my ideal weight and shape. What if I fail and I need those bigger sizes to go back to? The clothes are still really nice clothes and I wouldn’t want to have to replace them all and spend more money again!

What if I shift my mindset to permanency? What if I decide, right now, that I’m not going back to a less healthy version of me? What if I realize that this feels amazing in every way and it’s time to make that mental commitment?

I am committed to my WHOLE health. The physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing that has come along with this new lifestyle and this AMAZing program are what I want for myself and everyone around me, forever.

So that’s it, I’m going to clean out my closet. I’m going to take every single item that doesn’t fit me anymore and purge it out. It will be a relief to get rid of the clutter. It will be lovely to open up space for new items that I look and feel great in. It always feels right to donate to others.

Commit to yourself. Believe in the permanency. Believe in You.


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