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PCOS – It actually can improve

For a long time I thought that the burdens of my Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) would not improve. After years of struggling to cope with it and it’s ill effects (weight gain, unwanted hair growth, hair thinning, anxiety, infertility, blood sugar issues, lack of energy, etc) I have honestly been shocked with the improvements I’ve been able to make. I feel like a huge health burden has been lifted and my hormones are once again balanced.

There are key components of daily living that contribute, I believe, to PCOS. Nutrition is probably the most critical. Eating a healthy, clean, balanced diet has definitely been the key to my success. It was learning how to eat from all of the food groups, in the right amounts, that was pivotal for me. I always thought I had a strong knowledge base on what my meal should be comprised of, but I didn’t have it quite right until now.

Also, there are certain foods that have been shown to improve hormonal balance. Some of these are: Cacao, goji berries, spinach, cinnamon, maca, kale, flax, mushrooms, and barley. Each of these is contained in Shakeology, an affordable superfood dense nutrition shake. I drink it once a day as my healthiest meal, and most effective weapon of the day. I used to spend hundreds of dollars at the health food store trying to buy only a couple of these ingredients on their own. Shakeology also has a low Glycemic Index (GI) which is important in fighting PCOS.

Daily exercise is another thing I have made a part of my lifestyle. This helps with all aspects of health and wellness too in that it aids in metabolism, weightloss, blood sugar stabilization, energy levels, improved mood and lowered anxiety, and an overall feeling of strength and vitality.

Words cannot quite describe how grateful I am to have finally found a program that works and has significantly improved all aspects of my health and my PCOS.

You can join me and we will take this journey together! Click HERE :)

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