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There are so many reasons why I’m passionate about coaching, and I talk about various aspects of this in my blog and other posts. Today I want to talk about the Freedoms. This is HUGE!

For years I have worked for someone else. Whether it be a small company or a government job, there has been so little freedom and autonomy. Also, with most jobs, I was totally limited in earnings as well. Here are some of the prominent aspects I am looking forward to saying goodbye to:

  • Income ceiling. I want to determine my income, set goals, crush goals, and have financial freedom

  • Dress code. Whether strict or flexible, I want to buy and wear what I want

  • Set vacation days and permission to take same. I have to submit vacation requests, await approval based on my collegues vacations, staffing levels etc.; I can only take a certain number of vacation days in a year. I want the freedom to work from anywhere, and vacation as often as I like, when I like.

  • Permission to go to the dentist. It’s an issue to even make personal appointments! I have to submit paperwork, take it out of my bank of sick time. I want total flexibility and freedom.

  • Set hours. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to get up early, get ready, get the kids ready, be at work on time, take my breaks at a certain time, go home not a minute early. I want to work my hours based on my life, my family, my energy level.

  • Packing lunches. Never mind having to make the kids lunches, I have to make my own lunches as well! When I’m working from home all I have to do is go into the kitchen and throw something together, hot, fresh, and based on what appeals in the moment.

  • Valued. At some jobs I’ve felt valued and received recognition in varying amounts. Never much though. With coaching, I am an extremely valued member of a team and receive so much recognition it’s amazing!

  • Mentoring. Personal Development is a key component of being a successful coach. Not only does it help my mental drive and strategy with coaching, it feeds all aspects of my life.

I inch closer to total freedom every day. I never thought this would be possible but now I’m making it happen, faster than expected! I've already replaced 1/3 of my full time income and since the sky’s the limit, I’m ready to soar!

Join my team HERE!

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