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My journey - Holistic health

In December of 2014 I decided it was time. Time to try and get heathier. I was 5 months post-partum and carrying at least 25lbs of baby weight that I couldn't get off despite my best efforts of eating healthy and trying to go for walks. I've been into health foods and have known the importance of the impact of nutrition and daily exercise for both physical and mental health for some time, I am a mental health clinician after all. However, with 4 kids and a busy lifestyle, I just hadn't found the right way to make it all come together.

Then, I discovered Shakeology. I checked out the ingredients, took it to my doctor for approval while breastfeeding, and decided to give it a shot. The ingredients, reviews, and price for what it contains, were all seriously impressive. I give Shakeology huge credit for being key to my WEIGHT LOSS, and HORMONAL BALANCING. I've struggled with PCOS all of my adult life and I've finally been able to find something that works. And the ENERGY boost was desperately needed. I still have so many sleepless nights with the twins but this keeps me going. It FUELS my BODY. It fuels my MIND. It gives me the ULTIMATE NUTRITION in the easist, most CONVENIENT meal of the day. Thank goodness it's also DELICIOUS.

Now, I also must talk about the 21 DAY FIX. This program has taught me everything I needed to know about eating clean and healthy and in the right amounts for each food group. I gravitated towards this program, not only because it's known for getting real results, but because it makes sense theoretically. You eat food and a good amount of it. It has turned around my METABOLISM and catapulted my WEIGHTLOSS. I've lost 50lbs. 25 of those pounds were lingering baby weight and 25 were lbs I had accumulated over the years likely from yo-yoing between overeating and starving myself, emotional eating, lack of exercise, and so on.

At this point I'm working on building strength. I have no interest in skinny. I'm not going back. I will not go back. I have said goodbye to feeling horrible. Feeling unattractive. Feeling my clothes too tights on my body. Feeling my self-confidence plummet. Having no energy. Feeling anxious.

I feel the most amazing I've ever felt in my life. So HAPPY. So BLESSED. So GRATEFUL.

Now, I'm determined to change as many lives as I can. This is how I will pay it forward and live my best life.

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