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  • Lori McRae

Healthy is the new Skinny

Since I can remember it has been pushed upon us by society that to be beautiful you need be skinny. I like many have struggled to be comfortable in my own skin trying out numerous diets or weight loss crazes since I was a teenager. All along assuming that skinny is beautiful, skinny is what will make me truly happy. I would lose 20 or 30 pounds but would always compare myself to someone else thinner and never stopped to enjoy what I had achieved. And of course within no time that weight all went back on plus a few more pounds.

I’m nearing 40 now and it seems that I’m finally realising that healthy is beautiful, healthy is my skinny! I now take time every day to focus on being healthy for me and my family. I’m not anywhere near my goal weight but by god I feel amazing!

Following through with my daily goals is what keeps me striving for more. I believe that I can succeed and that I am worth the work. I now fuel my body with clean foods, Shakeology once a day, and exercise daily. My skin glows, my clothes feel looser, I feel stronger and my outlook on life is so much more positive than what it once was. Mindset is so huge and now that I have taken “can’t” out of my personal vocabulary the possibilities are endless.

I’m proud of my personal health accomplishments thus far and others notice it too. It shows in how I carry myself, how I smile, and how positive and supportive I am of others. I have a 5 year old daughter whom I tell every day how beautiful, smart and funny she is and she believes it and it radiates from her. You are all beautiful already, now you just need to focus on making the healthy changes in your life that will make you believe that you deserve the best of everything, that you are worthy and that beautiful comes in so many forms!

Contact Lori today and she can help you achieve your beautiful!

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