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  • Lori McRae

Comparing results over Coffee

So I met up with an old friend from Junior high the other day for a coffee date. And like most women we ended up talking about our weight gains and losses over the years since junior high. It’s the same for many of us we graduate and the challenges of keeping a fit and healthy figure gets harder with each year, especially for those of you with demanding jobs, kids or for those of us who su

ffer with any kind of depression.

My friend shared with me that she had tried a certain weight loss program 3 years ago and she lost 30 lbs but as soon as she stopped it that she gained back 20 lbs fairly quickly. The most shocking part for me was what she paid to eat the company’s food during her weight loss. She said she would spend anywhere from $80.00 to $100.00 per week on food. Wow!

Naturally she then asked me about Shakeology and the program I have been doing. She was very impressed with how you could get 30 meals of Shakeology for just about what she paid weekly for her prepackaged meals and the results I have been attaining by following a healthy clean eating regime and just 3o minutes of exercise daily.

This got me thinking how thankful I am to have found a company that offers short and effective exercise programs with a one-time cost that you can

have forever, dense nutrition shakes that replace one meal a day and leave you feeling energized and help combat cravings for as little as $4.00 per day, and FREE support from coaches and challenge groups with fellow peers on a journey to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle just like me! What are you waiting for?

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