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Emotional eating and cravings

A common barrier to results in your fitness and health journey, are emotional eating and cravings.

You may be craving a certain food because you are lacking certain nutrients in your body or you may be craving food because it is tied to some other, emotional reason.

Boredom, loneliness, and stress are big triggers for me. When we start to deal with these feelings with food, it becomes habit. Instead of thinking about the root of the problem and dealing with it, we search for a certain food, usually sweet or salty, to get that temporary satisfaction and instant gratification.

Awareness and having the insight into what is actually going on is the first step. Know what your triggers are and what foods you reach for.

Learn more effective ways of coping with the emotional problem. I'll write another post on this soon.

Another strategy that works for some poeple is to transition away from their unhealthy snacks by replacing them with healthier alternatives. Slowly your tastebuds will acquire a desire for pure flavours, ones that are not ruined with artificial ingredients, preservatives, refined sugar, etc.

Go to your local grocery store and spend some time in their health food isle. Look for snacks that you think you'll like, with the purest ingredients possible, and give them a try. Then slowly try to cut back on the amount of snacking you're doing. Better yet, make your own snacks. That way you have total control over the quality of ingredients.

Other strategies for cravings include:

  • Drink your Shakeology everyday. It will provide the nutrition your body needs.

  • Drink plenty of water.

  • Feed your mind with personal development

  • Believe you can beat this. Be determined and visualize yourself achieving your goals.

  • Fuel your body with clean, healthy eating.

  • Exercise every single day.

  • Find love, be love, give love, share love.

You can join me by clicking HERE!

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