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Crystal Munegatto

Clinical Counsellor

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Crystal has worked in the field of mental health for the past 15 years as social worker, counsellor, and coach. The areas she has worked in include anxiety, depression, OCD, relationship issues and couples counselling, parenting and motherhood, grief and loss, substance use, identity and life transitions, personality disorders, and major mental illness such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.


Crystal also has several years of experience coaching people in the areas of health and wellness, such as fitness and nutrition inspiration and accountability.


She has completed or is currently working on advanced training in:

The Gottman Method - Relationship/Couples Counselling Complex Trauma Level I and II Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Satir Family Therapy


The basis of Crystal’s work is founded on Person Centred Theory, with the belief that the therapeutic relationship and being with the person on their journey are the most important aspects of the work we will do together.


Crystal is a wife and mother of 4 and she is looking forward to working with you!

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